Used Car Dealership Insurance

Business Insurance Center provides insurance for used car dealerships with a variety of options and choices. We know the auto dealership industry and can insure your business from the ground up. Whether your dealership is large or small, our comprehensive coverage will protect the cars and trucks on your lot and your garage.

BIC can provide you with a competitive, all-inclusive insurance package that includes:

  • Dealers open lot coverage – This option provides coverage from loss or physical damage done on vehicles or loss vehicles that are owned by your business. It also provides coverage to a covered vehicle or equipment attached from any cause of loss except collision with another object or overturn.
  • Garage liability coverage – This insurance policy provides liability coverage for accidents resulting from your garage operations. This insurance covers a business against medical expenses resulting in bodily injury and property damage. It also protects you and your business from legal hassles due to auto repair accidents.
  • Garage keeper’s coverage – This insurance provides coverage for physical damage to your customers’ vehicles while in your care, custody, or control. You need this coverage to protect customer vehicles from occurrences such as fire, theft, bad weather, or vandalism at your place of business.
  • Errors & omissions (E & O) coverage – This option provides protection for your professional services business from claims of negligence or failing to perform your professional duties. Coverages may include: truth in lending/leasing liability, federal odometer and prior damage disclosure liability, and title errors and omissions.
  • False Pretense – This option provides coverage to a covered vehicle caused by someone who causes the dealer to voluntarily part with a covered vehicle by trickery, scheming, or under false pretenses. This can also occur if you acquire a vehicle from a seller who did not have clear and legal title.
  • Property insurance – This insurance coverage protects your auto repair shop against damages to your property. In the event of a natural disaster, fire, theft, vandalism, and other accidents, this insurance covers your property. This type of coverage includes other aspects of your property than just the building, such as signage, furniture, fencing, and inventory.
  • Business auto insurance – Business auto insurance is important to have to protect you, your employees, and your auto repair shop in case an accident occurs. This insurance option provides protection in situations when your employees must run out and pick up parts for a car, get supplies, or even test drive the vehicles to ensure that they are working correctly.
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