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Business Insurance Center understands that running a restaurant is demanding, challenging enough without having to worry about the safety risks associated with it. Having great, comprehensive insurance can help ease these worries so that you can focus on your food and customers. From fire damage, customer or employee injuries, food spoilage, equipment breakdown, Business Insurance Center helps protect you and your restaurant from the risks you face as a restaurant owner.

BIC can provide you with insurance package that includes coverages such as:

  • Business property insurance – This insurance option covers your restaurant in the event of natural disaster, fire, theft, vandalism, or other events that may cause damage. Commercial property insurance can help repair or replace what is damaged to your restaurant. This type of coverage includes other aspects of your property than just the building, such as signage, furniture, fencing, and inventory.
  • General liability insurance – This option covers you and your business from general legal hassles due to accidents, injuries, and negligence. With this policy, you will be protected against payments as a result of property damage, libel and slander, the cost of defending lawsuits, settlement bonds or judgments during a judicial appeal, medical expenses, and bodily injury.
  • Business crime insurance – This insurance options ensures protection from losses resulting from business-related crime. With this option, your restaurant is covered in the event of lost or stolen goods, products, and money and theft of securities. This coverage also protects your restaurant if it falls victim embezzlement, forgery, securities theft, or any other method of business crime.
  • Worker’s compensation – This insurance option provides coverage to you and your employees with important protection resulting from work-related injuries. Worker’s compensation covers lost wages and medical treatment if a worker suffers an injury on the job or work-related illness.
  • Equipment breakdown insurance – While general liability insurance protects your restaurant, you will want to have additional coverage for your restaurant equipment in case of mechanical breakdowns, employee accidents, equipment failure, or power surges.
  • Business income insurance – This option covers the loss of income that you and your restaurant suffers after a disaster. The income loss covered may be due to disaster-related closing of your restaurant or due to the rebuilding process after a disaster. While property insurance only covers the physical damage to the restaurant, business income insurance covers the profits that would have been earned during the interruption of your business.

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