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Business Insurance Center understands your concerns as a tow truck owner. You are faced with the same concerns as other commercial vehicle companies as well as share the same risks. Our company provides you with tow insurance policies that include several options for coverage. These options can help you form a policy that effectively meets your needs and protects you.


At Business Insurance Center, we offer the following policy coverages for tow insurance:


·       Tow truck liability insurance – This insurance includes liability insurance for bodily injury and damage to property that you or your drivers may cause.

·       Physical damage insurance – This option covers you for damage done to your truck, regardless of who is at fault.

·       Garage service insurance – This insurance provides coverage for any damages that may be sustained by a vehicle in service while it is parked or being stored in a covered location. These damages include those caused by theft, vandalism, fire, or even collisions.

·       On-hook towing insurance – This option will pay for repair or replacement costs if any vehicle you do not own is damaged while being towed.

·       Uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance – This insurance option provides compensation to you if you are involved in a collision, at the fault of the other driver, and that driver does not carry insurance or enough insurance to cover your property damage or medical expenses.  

·       Comprehensive insurance – This option covers you against damages to your truck that are the result of dangers not related to a collision. In many cases, these damages may include theft, vandalism, fire, and natural disasters.

·       Medical payments insurance – This option provides coverage for medical expenses acquired if you, your driver, or any passengers are injured in the event of an accident while in your tow truck.


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